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About Us

FIKA (fee-ka) is a Scandinavian tradition, a daily respite usually taken in the morning and then again in the afternoon.  A time to stop, sit with family and friends and enjoy coffee and something sweet.  The name is steeped in tradition, as is our family's experience in Door County.

Owners David and Heather Linstrom first discovered Door County on their honeymoon thirty years ago, and instantly knew they had found their home away from home.

While they raised their three children, William, Victoria and James in the suburbs of Chicago and South central Wisconsin, Door County was their family's time to escape the rush of every day life and connect, to make memories that would be the backbone of their lives together.

With over thirty years of experience of teaching culinary arts, a successful gourmet catering company and opening up restaurants and a coffee house-in 2017, they new it was finally time to fulfill their dream of opening up a business, and eventually moving full time to Door.  Their daughter, son-in-law and first Grandchild Oliver, make their home in Egg Harbor, and their Son James and William have both chosen Hospitality management as their career paths.

Their family looks forward to creating wonderful new memories in the years to come, and adding to memories of family's visiting and living in Door, through delicious food, rich coffee and delicious scratch made pastries and desserts.

Follow them to FIKA in Fish Creek...

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